About Us

After school childcare in Poulner Ringwood.

Poulner Freetime Club provides after school childcare for children aged 4 to 11. We pride ourselves on having a safe and happy environment, supervised by experienced and qualified staff.

Set up as an independent charity by parents, Poulner Freetime Club is OFSTED registered. We offer places on a first come, first served basis, regardless of race, religion, gender or abilities.

We’re located in The Woodland Room within Poulner Infant School North Poulner Road Ringwood

What happens during a Poulner Freetime Club session?

  • Infant School children are picked up by staff from the Infant School hall at 3.15 p.m.
  • All children self-register by finding their names on the desk and placing it in , either, the ‘snack box’ or ‘no snack box’
  • As our name suggests, now is the child’s ‘freetime’. The only main routine we have is snack time, apart from that the children are free to relax and play with whatever they want to inside or outside after their day at school, they can ask for new toys/ activities from the resource shed but are not permitted to enter, this is done by staff only. Please make sure your child has a coat in order to play outside.
  • Activities we have available at each session include;
  • Construction – Lego, Duplo, Mobilo, Lego, Tap it, Construction tubes, Gears, Zoobs, Magnets, etc
  • Role Play– Home Corner- Builders Yard, Hairdressers, Travel Agents, Shop, Café etc
  • Small World – Pirate ship, My little Pony, Dolls House, Dinosaur Island, Space ship, Zoo, Riding school etc
  • Arts and Crafts – Playdough, colouring, collage trolley junk modelling, stencils, stamps etc
  • Book Corner – non-fiction and fiction books, multi-cultural books
  • Homework Desk –
  • ICT – Tablets, computers, electronic games
  • Games – Snooker, air hockey, table football, puzzles, table games

Outside activities – Basketball, scooters, easels and chalk, threading frames, nature garden, balls, bats, hoops, stilts, pogo stick, wooden train etc

  • At 4 p.m. the children who have chosen to have snack are asked, four at a time, to wash and dry their hands and queue up at the snack bar, the staff member on snack duty will serve them with their snack
  • Children are encouraged to play outside, and we ask you to provide a waterproof coat as they often like to go outside in the rain, we also, weather and school permitting, allow the children to use the school field and the Teddy Bears outdoor area
  • At 5.00p.m a staff member will set up the daily craft activity and will assist children with it, children can make the choice whether to do craft or not
  • Children can be picked up any time before 6.00 p.m. please ring the bell and wait for a staff member to let you in, no child is allowed to open the main door, your child will then need you to sign them out in the diary stating the time you pick up and your signature next to their name – you are then free to take your child –  no child will be allowed to leave without their parent or carer

 Poulner Freetime Club is a safe and happy environment for children to enjoy after their day at school

OFSTED registered

Poulner Freetime Club is registered with OFSTED as a day care facility providing sessional supervised activities for 4 to 11 year olds for a period of 2 or more hours per day. A copy of the registration document is displayed at the Club during all sessions.

OFSTED REG. No. 110557   CHARITY REG. No. 1092958


Club sessions start at 3.15 pm and finish at 6.00 pm

Booking essential – please call 07543 977554


Registration fee                                        £5.00 per family

After School Club: Yr 1 and Yr 2           £9.00 per child per session

Foundation Stage Children                    £10.00 per child per session ( from September 2020)

Late collection penalty after 6.00 pm:    £10.00 per 15 minutes

Payments must be made by the 14th of each month in advance. Late payments will be charged at £10.00 per month.

If payments are not forthcoming, bookings will be cancelled and made available to other people.  No refunds will be given for any cancellations on bookings.

One months notice is required to cancel places.

Fees for the Club may change slightly each year, but one month’s notice will be given.


To attend our after school  sessions, each child must first be registered.  Please click on ‘Registration Form’ to download the form, which must be printed and signed.

Please note: the Registration Form contains an authorisation giving our Co-ordinator permission to act ‘in loco parentis’ if the parent/guardian cannot be contacted (see ‘Sickness, accidents, first aid and emergencies’ in the Important Information section below). If you do not wish to give this authorisation please specify in writing to our Play Leader.


Play Leader:                                    Louise Norris

Deputy/ EYFS Co-ordinator         Hollie Smith

Mobile: 07543 977554

Committee Members:

Chairperson: Maria Court

Deputy Chairperson : Tracy Beusmans

Treasurer: Joyce Abernethy

Secretary: Fiona Errington


Collecting Children

Children may only be collected by their parents/guardians or named contacts.  We require a password and authorisation for them to leave the Club with anyone else.

Safety and discipline

  • To enable the children to have fun safely, reasonable behaviour is essential.  The Club expects and will encourage children to behave responsibly and to respect both staff and each other.
  • Children are expected to respond to requests from staff.  Repeated disobedience could disrupt the Club for all.
  • Consequently, as a last resort, the Club reserves the right to terminate membership.

Sickness, accidents, first aid and emergencies

If you child becomes ill during a Club session, every attempt will be made to contact one of the people on the registration form to arrange collection.  The child will be cared for until he/she is collected.

  • In case of a minor accident, basic first aid will be administered.
  • In the case of an accident requiring more than basic first aid every attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian to advise and discuss what action should be taken. An ambulance will be called for all major accidents.
  • All accidents and emergencies are entered in the accident folder, incident log.