Dear Parents / Carers


Staff this year will be as follows –

Monday            Louise, Hollie Val and Julia

Tuesday            Louise, Hollie, Val and Julia

Wednesday      Louise, Hollie, Val and Julia

Thursday          Louise, Hollie and Julia

Friday               Louise, Hollie and Julia

Hollie Smith – EYFS Coordinator/SENCO/ Behaviour management

Louise Norris – Behaviour management/ Safeguarding Officer/Health and safety

Parent Contracts

Your Parent Contract will be emailed to you with your monthly invoice, by paying your first invoice of each term you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the contract


We require payment of fees within 14 days from invoice.

EYFS children £9.50 per session ( from September 2018)

Year 1 – Year 6 £ 8.00 per session

Late payments will result in a late payment charge of £10 and the right for us (at our discretion) to refuse child care after 3 late payments in a school year.  We genuinely hope that we will not have to invoke this, but it is not acceptable to expect us to provide care for free when we have a waiting list for spaces.

Please be aware that all invoices are emailed to you so please update staff with any new email addresses, payments can be made by cash, BACS or childcare vouchers


Late Pick Up

Please be aware that all children need to be picked up by 6.00p.m. at the latest. We have to be out of the hall by 6.00 p.m. and, therefore, we have a late pick up fee policy in place ( please see Policies and Procedures File on desk), any parent arriving after 6.00p.m. will be invoiced  £10.00 per 15 minutes and again the right for us (at our discretion) to refuse child care after 3 late pickups in a school year.

Key workers / Link person

As you may be aware each child at Freetime Club has a set key worker who is be responsible for their well-being whilst they are within our care.

Your child’s keyworker / link person is the person who you should address any queries, concerns and updates.  It is really important that you provide us with full, accurate and up to date information regarding your child – issues at home and school, health problems and of course any dietary or medical allergies.  Only if we have a complete and accurate picture of your child can we really help them settle in and get the most out of our club.

There will be times, due to staff not being available at every session, when you will need to speak to someone else, your information will be passed to your child’s keyworker / link person as soon as possible and all information will be in the dealt with in the strictest confidence

Please be aware that parents/carers must inform Club ( not the school)  if their child is not going to be with us for a session, please do this by 3.00pm on the day they are absent, by text or voice mail- 07543 977554, We are spending a lot of time chasing parents/carers and the school to try to locate children who do not turn up. Our policies state that if we cannot contact parents/carers of children who do not arrive it is our ‘duty of care’ to contact Social Services to report a missing child – if you would like a copy of our Missing Child procedure and Arrivals and Departures policy please ask

As always if there is anything you would like to know or have any concerns please feel free to speak to a member of staff.

Louise Norris – Playleader